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About Us

St Michael's Church was consecrated as a permanent parish church in February 1933. The building is thought to have been founded by Abbott Stidberht who obtained lands by exchange with King Offa in 767 AD.

What we know is that St Michael's became a "Free Chapel" around 1234. there is also mentioned in archives of the "Church of Tokyngton" being Wembley's only church until 1846.

The Church consists of the Nave, the Altar has a cross. The Organ occupies the north-east porch.

The parish of St Michael's Tokynton is now a multicultural community with some members travelling from outside the parish to attend Church. The new Wenbley Stadium draws in people from far and wide, not just at weekends but also during the week,

St Michael's Church continues to play an important part in the  community.

Event Diary

Date/ Weekly

  Time Event
Weekly-Mon   8:00pm Bible Study, Park View
Weekly-Wed   9:30am Mass
Weekly-Wed   12noon  St Michael's Community Social Club
Weekly_Wed   6:00pm Choir Practice
Weekly-Tue   6:00pm Hall Booking
Weekly_Fri   9:30am Mass