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Who's Who

Name Position Tel No.
Revd. Stuart Melchor Priest 020 8902 3290
Mrs Enid Cork Licensed Lay Minister  
Dr. Janet Graham Licensed Lay Minister  
Mrs Annette Cole Pastoral Assistant  
Mrs Eleanor Greaves Church Warden/Pastoral Assistant  
Mrs Marva Anderson Church Warden  
Mr Carl Stennett Hall Booking Admin  
Ms Hylon Smith  Sunday School  
Mrs Laurna Carter Churches Together in Wembley Rep.  
Mrs Annette Cole Branch Leader, Mothers' Union  
Mr Emmanuel Adam PCC Treasurer  
Mrs Marcia Grant PCC Treasurer  
Mr Wilfred Skeete Stewardship Recorder  
Mr. Anderson Seale Organist  
Dr Janet Graham Children's Society Rep.  
Mrs Marcia Grant Magazine Editor