St Michael's Sunday School

Our mission statement 

"To work with the children and young people of the Tokyngton and Wembley area to encourage and facilitate their holistic personal development. Providing a safe and stimulating church community within which the gospel of Christ may be made known and applied to their lives."

St Michaels Church is proud of the growth of its Sunday School and for the increase in attendance throughout the year. The Sunday School children, run the family service on the first Sunday of each month and on other occasions such as Mothering Sunday, etc.

Due to the generous donation from the Mothers Union of St Michaels, a laptop was purchased fro the Sunday school.This has enabled the Teachers to introduce more music and other activities to the classes. The team are working well together to help the children develop in their Spiritual Life and Christian upbringing.

Events and Outings.


Sunday School Teachers and Team

Annette Cole

Enid Cork

Hylon Smith

Marcia Grant

Pam Wilmot

Slyvia Nortey

Carol Mensah